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21 Day Radical Happiness Journey

Raise your own happiness level!

We know that when you follow proven steps you’’ll create not only the foundation of your inner happiness but the strong structure in which your happiness will thrive and flourish.

Radical Success Coaching

IGNITE the passion in your purpose and get ready to soar!

You are at a pivotal point in your business and are ready to fire your boss, jump start your business and catapult to the next level!  Get ready to implement a surefire plan of action to maintain your seat at the table!

Goal Setting

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Relationship Coaching

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Stress Management

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Career Advice

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What Is Radical Success Coaching?

RSC is my flagship coaching program that I offer to entrepreneurs and small business owners who are already generating some revenue in their business but ready to catapult to the next level! These are success-driven individuals who are ready to play bigger than they’ve ever played to achieve the results they never had.  I incorporate strategy with business savvy and proudly serve alongside of you as your co-CEO. 

Who Is Coaching For?

RSC is for entrepreneurs who are tired of being busy-broke in their business and ready to make serious power moves to level up and increase the bottom line in their bank accounts.  It is for entrepreneurs who are done making excuses and tired of letting fear talk them out of their goals and aspirations.  This program is for radical warriors who are ready to claim their spot at the top and step out from the shadows of mediocrity … IS THIS YOU?

What is The Process Like?

Intense but fun!  I believe in keeping the working atmosphere very light and full of energy.  There is an application process for this level of coaching. To get accepted into Radical Success Coaching, you must do the following:

1. Complete the application for RSC.

This is a prequalification to see if you are the right fit for this level of coaching or if another program is more suitable for the direction you are trying to go in your business.

2. Have a 15-min Discovery consultation to discuss your goals.

Let’s talk business! I like to have a personal conversation to gain clarity of your goals and to see how best to serve you in a coaching capacity.

3. I will decide if you qualify, and if so, at what level.

At this point, I will share my available programs with you and go over the investment requirement.

4. Once accepted, you will secure your deposit and set up subsequent payments.

No stress – no worries!  All of my clients are set up on an automatic recurring billing plan to remove the stress of keeping up with due dates and missed payments.

5. Schedule your 2-hr Kickstart Session.

Let the fun begin! This is our initial deep dive into your business for goal planning and financial forecasting.)

About Me

Bonita Parker is purposeful and extremely gifted at one thing–helping you bridge the gaps between YOUR unique superpower and your business bank account. She is the creator of the Radical Success Warriors Group™ and now works with entrepreneurs to get crystal clear on their purpose and generate multiple streams of income from what they already know and love doing.  She has helped her clients increase revenues from making no money to generating thousands of dollars monthly in their business. 


Transformational!  Within 30 minutes, Bonita was able to address my fears, review my website and offer suggestions about packaging my services as well as automating my business!

Kimberly Albritton

Unlike any other! Bonita helped me better understand the power I truly have and the best way to execute. She knew what questions to ask to ensure the best approach to assist me with my business goals and introduced strategies and tools that will catapult my business to the next level!

Tatonya Holman

Next level for sure! Along with an abundance of personal transformational tools, Bonita provided business tools and skillsets that helped me move from stuck to soaring!  She selflessly shared her arsenal of success tools and tips that helped me scale in a major way.  I am excited about what’s coming next!  This was the greatest self-investment I made this year!

Latalya Palmer

A resource magnet! Bonita Parker has opened up windows of opportunities that I never could have imaged for myself and her business savvy shows you that with the right resources, all of your business goals can be met efficiently, timely and cost effectively.  To become a better you, INVESTMENT is REQUIRED.  Thank you!” 

Crystal Nixon